Catch Up Video from Tuesday’s Zoom Show: Expedition Alpinism with Will Harris and Baffin Big Wall climbing with Neil Chelton

A huge thank you to Will and Neil for an enthralling and entertaining show on Tuesday evening – two thrilling tales of cutting-edge exploits in remote and extreme environments, made all the more enjoyable by the self-effacing style of both these highly-accomplished climbers.

Here’s the link to the whole show:

And a separate link for Neil’s presentation as there were a few glitches on the video quality on the zoom recording:

If you are wondering why Neil was appearing via a pre-recorded video rather than “live” from the West Coast, it’s because he was on a mission for a solo-Big Wall-winter ascent in Yosemite. That’s hardcore!

That’s it for the 2022-23 Winter Indoor Programme. They’re all available for catch-up on the Virtual Meets Gallery

Virtual Meet Gallery

If you’ve got suggestions or even better fancy volunteering for the 23-24 season then please get in touch! Meanwhile, thanks for your engagement over the last 6 months and looking forward to seeing you “on the hill” in the near future.

Cheers, Dom

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