Its been over 30 years since i was in the Berger, with a large club team of Rucksack,Karabiner,and Black and Tans cavers, so i am currently in the process of applying to the French authority for a 10 day permit to rig the cave.The permits are allocated from June to October with 3 alternative periods in each month running from 1st, 11th, 21st. of the month.The Berger was the first cave to be pushed to over a 1000 meters and was the deepest cave in the world from 1956 until around 1970.Having been in the cave twice i know what is needed to successfully reach the bottom @ -1122 m.Around 34 pitches from 5m. to 60m. needing 900m of static rope and 100+ crabs/maillons.In reality is like abseiling an alpine route then jumaring back up in the dark.The Berger is a classic caving trip and is usually on the agenda for any experienced fit caver.I am hoping to get a team of around 15 keen, committed,experienced people involved to help plan logistics, buy all we need in the way of rope, bags, “dinghy for lake cadoux” if its there!! caving insurance etc. etc.The trip involves masses of complicated rope work,traverse lines,re belays, tension lines, to avoid the water on many of the cascades ,usually a stop/sleep underground at camp 1 on the way in and on the way out.A lot of people will have their own trip agenda be it going to camp 1 to view the amazing formations at the HALL OF THE 13 @-500m. or pushing on to the bottom and back to camp 1,taking around 10 hours depending on fitness and water levels.Basically its hard physical effort and anyone thinking of joining us should be well trained in advanced SRT “single rope technique”Having said all this its an amazing experience to be in such a historic cave no matter on how far you decide to go.Have a look on YOU TUBE GOUFFRE BERGER at the many trips people have done to get a picture of whats involved.If i am successful with a permit we may have to plan the trip for summer 2019 or summer 2020. John Warburton.

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  1. Well my New Year treat came early. I have just had confirmation from the Mairie of Engins France that we have a permit for the Berger 1st–10th July 2019.Anyone interested in being on the team should let me know ASAP.I will be looking at getting a team of 15/20 people together in the next few months to go through the planning phase and organising training trips in yorkshire/derbyshire.
    John Warburton.

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