1. A very wise decision.

    We are in “lock down” here in Chamonix. Everything not essential to life is closed. The borders with Switzerland and Italy are closed. It’s the same in Austria and Spain.
    Watching the numbers the UK is only a few days, may be a week, behind us in terms of infection rates.

    On the bright side I can still go ski mountaineering straight from my garden gate. The pistes are abandoned, the mountains empty of people: “Social Isolation” on skis 🙂

  2. I’m interested to know the rationale for this decision. For those of us who can’t ski from our back door, access to the huts and mountains would be valuable for our mental health. If people choose to avoid them, they can; personally I would like to think that if I’m healthy, I could make use of them.

    1. Rachel – I see what you are saying. However (and this is a personal opinion), I think the Club has a duty of care towards its Members and other users of the huts . We would be remiss in saying that business is as usual in these volatile and potentially life threatening times. I support the decision to close the huts and hope that the situation improves soon.

  3. Ps. I can understand why it might be wise to cancel all hut meets – shared dormitories etc – but not why it’s necessary to close them to individual use, when it’s quite rare to meet anyone else there.
    As you can tell, I’m really upset about this decision. I wonder what others think?

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