Coronavirus and the Club

It is difficult to keep up to speed.  We decided to close the Huts and you should  have seen Steve Beswick’s note on  the website to that effect a couple of days ago. We pondered about day meets and their viability.  Yesterday the ground moved and we feel obliged to respond to “social distance” “over 70s ” (40% of us) and “unnecessary journeys” by suspending all Rucksack Club activities until the crisis is resolved.
It’s clear that mountaineering huts provide ideal conditions for the virus to multiply.  Ours are shut.  Please keep out.  Day meets don’t pose as great a threat but to organise them runs counter to government advice and there is a considerable reputational issue should we seek to continue to do that. Plainly individuals so far are only being advised not coerced but if you go out you are not going out under the auspices of the Club.
Just been listening to the Chief Scientific Officer answer questions from the parliamentary Health Select Committee when the issue of fit over 70s popped up.  Yes, of course they could go off by themselves for a walk in the country – social distance is what really matters.
John Farrow.

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