SunRock 2020 – not quite what we planned!

SunRock 2020 didn’t quite turn out as planned! Not so much “Get Out There!” more “Get Out OF There!”

A few of us made it to Finestrat and did manage to enjoy a bit of SUN and ROCK, before things went completely pear-shaped and we all had our various frustrations and adventures getting home.
Many thanks to Guy, Tony, George, Karen, Chris, John, Ian and Mark for their cheerful company and stoicism!
Here are a few photos from the fun bits, and you’ll find a bit of a write up of the 3,000km dash that Helen and I made back to Blighty here:

Plans for SunRock 2021 are clearly on hold and it will be interesting (and perhaps a bit scary) to see how the world will have changed by this time next year. It’s a consolation that there will still be plenty of Sun and Rock out there – Fingers crossed that we’ll be back in a position to be able to enjoy it! Meanwhile, stay safe and healthy! Cheers, Dom

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