1. Thanks Boece and Dave – I was really glad that people seemed to enjoy the evening (and amazed that so many overcame the technology hurdles – I think we had over 130 people joining in the fun!)

    A few people have asked who the geezer in the shades was – obviously, the budget wouldn’t cover getting The Real Bill Deakin along for the evening, so I roped in Roland Rat as a stand in (not John Cooper Clarke, although you were close, Chris – he was my standby option).

    Anyway, the magic of the evening for me was seeing so many familiar faces in these ‘social distancing’ times, and getting a real feel of Rucksack Club camaraderie, so thanks to everyone for your company.

    If you experienced technical or other challenges getting into the meeting, drop me a note and I’ll try to provide some guidance ahead of next week’s event. Talking of which, watch this space for a schedule (we’re already making progress into May for volunteers) and get in touch if you’d like to do a slot of some kind.

    Cheers, Dom

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