Covid 19 and the Rucksack Club: update 5 June 2020

The President writes:

Important Update – Covid19 and the Rucksack Club 

The Rucksack Club committee cancelled all outdoor and indoor programmes and closed all huts until further notice on 24 March 2020. This was in accordance with Government advice and aimed at protecting us all. Since that date the committee has been, and continues to, follow Government advice. It is also reviewing BMC and other mountaineering club advice. On this basis the committee will decide what is in the best interests of our club.

The following is an update of the Rucksack Club response:


Indoor and Outdoor Programme:

All Club meets are currently suspended. The committee will continue to review this situation based on updated Government guidelines and also advice from the BMC.  We will provide appropriate updates as and when our stance changes, but in the interim, and for the foreseeable future, the meets programme is suspended.


 All Rucksack Club huts and the grounds:

At the present time, and until you are otherwise informed, all three huts remain out of use.  You must not enter any hut or park vehicles in the grounds.  This also applies to huts belonging to a Kindred Club.


We would like to assure you that efforts are being made to deal with the issues around Covid-19.  Hut Wardens and other Committee Members are in regular contact and we are discussing information as it becomes available.  We face having to meet as yet unspecified guidelines for the safe opening of huts and how they may be operated in the future.  There are, for example, issues related to the safety of drinking water and electricity/gas installations following closure.  If we operate contrary to any future guidelines, we risk invalidating insurance cover and exposing the Club’s Officers to personal liability. When the time comes, we may well need to establish new protocols for hut use which could be different for each hut.  All this will take time so we ask for your patience and tolerance while we address these issues. 


Continued communication during this challenging time

The committee fully understands the challenges we face as members during this Covid-19 period. It is important we continue our efforts to stay in regular contact with each other through Zoom, our website, social media, emails and of course Meetstaff.

We hope we will be able to get back to all our usual activities soon, but in the meantime we ask all members to respect the committee’s advice.


Dave Woolley – on behalf of the committee

President of the Rucksack Club

03 June 2020

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