Day Meets and Hut openings update 23/10/20

Day Meets and hut openings: BMC update

On Wednesday 21st October the BMC posted a very helpful article on their website clarifying all the changes to regulations and guidance recently produced by governments (for England and Wales) that relates to club meets and to club huts. A pdf of this article is available here, along with another pdf providing guidance on returning to climbing indoors here. The BMC have said they will provide updates should guidance change.


Following on from this, the situation with regard to Club Meets and Huts is as follows:

Rucksack Club Meets

The assumption is that everyone in the Club is keen to see a resumption of ‘formal’ day meets, once conditions make this possible safely and responsibly. We were moving towards this possibility earlier this month. Rapidly rising infection rates coupled with increasing numbers of areas moving to Tier 3 lockdown means such plans have been put on hold. Informal meets, adhering to the ‘Rule of 6’ will continue to be the best way for members to continue to walk and climb, obviously following Government guidance as outlined in the BMC documents.

We have a appointed a Covid Officer (Joe Fisher) who, along with a small group, is working on producing the necessary documentation that will be needed to organise and run ‘formal’ Meets as/when conditions allow this to happen safely and responsibly.

Rucksack Club Huts

As a general rule, you must contact the relevant Hut Warden before visiting one of the Club Huts. In addition to this general rule, the current situation with each hut is as follows:

  • High Moss: remains completely closed because of on-going building work.
  • Beudy Mawr: has been partially open for the use of members for camping only, however this will now be closed as per the guidance given in the BMC document. As/when allowed, the Wardens plan to reopen the hut itself for use by members, probably as single households only depending upon guidance from the Welsh Government.
  • Craigallan: the plan is to partially reopen this hut for use by members (single households only initially) from November and more information will be provided shortly. Given the rapidly changing situation with Covid across the 3 nations, this plan may change at any time. We will try and keep you informed.

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