El Capitan Gigapixel Climbing Routes

Anyone interested in El Cap climbing or the way digital photography is enabling fantastically complex pictures to be produced should check this out.  Simply, gigapixel photography is done by taking thousands of photographs of a subject and stitching them together digitally to produce super high-resolution images that you can scroll into.  There’s an amazing one of The Nose that tracks climbers on every pitch…for anyone who has climbed it, you can relive the fun, pain and suffering!

El Capitan Gigapixel Climbing Routes


  1. It’s pretty astounding pictures, even if we do have to use Internet Explorer to use it.

    I remember some years ago that people did a gigapixel project for Stanage. I can’t now find it anywhere. Does anyone know if that’s still available on the web? As I remember that had higher resolution than these Yosemite pictures.

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