2024 Rucksack Club Calendar – A review

We received this very kind review for the 2024 Calendar:

“Having been lucky enough to identify a photo of “Long Tall Sally” on UKC  I won a copy of the CAC / Rucksack Club 2024 calendar, and with it a request to write a review, so here goes.

How do you review a calendar? Well, does it work? A quick check indicated that there are seven days in every week, 2024 starts on a Monday and February 29th is a Thursday, all good so far. There’s also enough room on each day to write in the family’s appointments, so it succeeds in its primary function!

What else would you want from a calendar: interesting and inspiring photos? There’s plenty to choose from, one large and three small for each month plus the cover and a few at the back. The cover photo of “Ancient Art” at the Fisher Towers is impressive but for some reason does not tempt me to travel west for an ascent! My personal favourite is October’s “Long Tall Sally” not since it won me a copy, but because it makes me want to go back and re-climb it (last time was 1983) even though it’s probably a little above my pay grade these days.


What does the calendar tell me about the Rucksack Club? If I still lived in the North West, I’d join. It’s certainly active – all the photos are of club members taken last year and according to the calendar there’s a meet nearly every weekend. It’s certainly come a long way from the “men only” club I didn’t join when I lived in Manchester in the early 80s.


Then, there’s the cause – Climbers against Cancer which raises money for cancer research. Who hasn’t been affected by cancer, lost friends or family members to this horrible illness, or in my case been lucky with my spouse a survivor? There are charity cards and calendars aplenty in the shops, but when you read the small print, you‘ll often find only a small percentage of the price goes to the charity. If you buy the calendar (see https://www.climbersagainstcancer.org/shop/rucksack-club-cac-calendar/ ) all your £10 goes to CAC. What’s not to like?”

Mark Kemball



Thanks for the kind words, Mark, and great that you are enjoying the calendar!

There are a number of ways you can still get hold of your copy:

– at the CAC shop:

– at the Climb Europe store:

– at Ellis Brigham in Manchester and your local Wall (Awesome Walls, MCC, Climbing Works, Summit Up, Preston Wall and others)

– at the Xmas Party Slideshow (Tuesday 12 December)

… and don’t forget to pick up some extras for friends and family – it’s the perfect Christmas gift!


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